Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Has Crash Been??

I have, and I'm certain you've noticed, been severely neglecting this blog. The reason for this is that I've been putting my energies into the podcast. If you are a follower of my little show, you can hear about all of the cool things I'm involved with.

I have plans in the near future for creating a completely new website to fully detail my projects. I want to include reviews, hints and tips, and instructionals on this new site. I just have so much to learn about creating websites!

I hope to get back to it as soon as the Toledo show has drawn to a close.

In the short term, I am planning to set up a site with a live video stream and chat box using the UStream service. The tentative plans are to get together with The PhlatBoyZ on Saturday evening, April 4th, for a rehash of all that we three have observed at the show. The cool thing is that you will be able to hit my page and see and hear us live, as well as interact with all three of us through the chat feature! I'll be bringing along a second computer to capture all of the audio so that it can be uploaded and used as the podcast for the week of April 5th. Of course, all of this depends on what kind of bandwidth we can find!

So, you can see I've been quite busy!

More to come....