Monday, June 15, 2009

Visit My New Site...

I've suspended my activity here, as I'm certain you've noticed. I've got a new site up - sparse, but up and running. This new site will become the support site for TheCrashCast. Book mark it, as I have some pretty neat things planned for it!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Has Crash Been??

I have, and I'm certain you've noticed, been severely neglecting this blog. The reason for this is that I've been putting my energies into the podcast. If you are a follower of my little show, you can hear about all of the cool things I'm involved with.

I have plans in the near future for creating a completely new website to fully detail my projects. I want to include reviews, hints and tips, and instructionals on this new site. I just have so much to learn about creating websites!

I hope to get back to it as soon as the Toledo show has drawn to a close.

In the short term, I am planning to set up a site with a live video stream and chat box using the UStream service. The tentative plans are to get together with The PhlatBoyZ on Saturday evening, April 4th, for a rehash of all that we three have observed at the show. The cool thing is that you will be able to hit my page and see and hear us live, as well as interact with all three of us through the chat feature! I'll be bringing along a second computer to capture all of the audio so that it can be uploaded and used as the podcast for the week of April 5th. Of course, all of this depends on what kind of bandwidth we can find!

So, you can see I've been quite busy!

More to come....

Monday, January 12, 2009

My First Podcast!

After about a month of research, I finally got everything set up, albeit rough, and have created my first podcast!

Admittedly, the first one is a bit rough and doesn't contain all the flair (both the website and the 'cast) that the other guys have, but it's a start!

I have submitted the show to iTunes, but I expect it will take a few days for it to "take". Until then, feel free to cruise over to the site and listen online or download it direct to your computer to put on any mp3 player of your liking. I have a lot of cool stuff planned for the future, but will be holding off on the more difficult stuff until I get the easier stuff all figured out.

Please feel free to offer up any comments or suggestions to help me make this show the best I can.

Click here for the new show!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Alright, progress has been made! I have a rudimentary website set up for my new podcast. You can hit it by going to

I am hoping to have the first installment ready for your download within a week, or so. It's gonna be a solo-act for a while, as this keeps editing time down and ensures a consistent weekly broadcast.

The progress thus far is:

1. Domain name registered
2. Intro and Lead-out music composed
3. All software obtained

Thanks go out to my little brother, Jonny, for composing some interesting music!

This has really become a family affair! While Jonny (who is just fresh out of high school and now enjoying the challenge of his freshman year of college) is the most accomplished musician in the family, my little brother, Jamie (about to graduate from college), is definitely the artist of this clan. He is working on the digital art that will adorn the site, as well as any promotional items down the line. In keeping with the theme of drawing from my family's resources (and FREE resources, I might add!), my younger brother Ron (also in college) will be helping to administer the web sites. Of my four brothers and one sister, I'm the only one that's never been to college! LOL

I have been kicking around various formats and subjects to cover. Right now (of course this is subject to change) I am expecting to keep the shows on the shorter side. I am wanting to offer as much information as I can to help all of you listeners out with hints and tips, deals I find while scowering the 'net, and answering any questions that you guys can throw at me. Since the PhlatBoyz have ushered in a CNC machine that has got to be one of the greatest things to happen to the RC hobby in recent memory, and the membership of the "PhlatClub" has significantly grown as of late, I am going to try to dedicate one show a month dedicated to this great technology. As the show grows, the PhlatCast episode will be an addition to the weekly installments as a "bonus" episode rather than one of the weekly segments.

If there is anything that you would like to see me cover in the show, please feel free to post here as a 'comment', or as always, you can email me direct at I want this to be a show that you all look forward to listening to as much as I look forward to making it! I am, by no means, an expert, but I have been playing the RC game for a long time. If I cannot answer your question, I will will find the answer!

I am also planning to suppliment the show with "how to" videos as I go to best demonstrate any techniques I use that you may like to see.

I have another domain registered that will, in the future, replace this blog. I have enjoyed the blogspot experience, but as my skills in creating for the web increase, I plan to construct a site that is more conducive (read flexible) to supporting the show.

Again, thanks to all of you that have written emails urging me to forge ahead in this podcast endeavor. I expected to get a few emails from the RCFC listeners, but nothing could have prepared me for the hundreds I received! If you sent an email and I didn't respond, it's only because there are just so many that I haven't had the time! LOL You guys are awesome!!!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, the verdict's in!

I want to thank all of you that took the time to share with me your thoughts on my starting my own RC-related podcast. I am amazed at the response!! I've read tons of emails from you guys telling me to move forward with this project, but not a single one telling me "Hey man, just stop already!".

I have been busy working up a format that will be informative and, hopefully, enjoyable. I am, however, stumped over what to name this thing!

If you have any suggestions on a name for my new show, please feel free to drop me an email.

Many thanks for your support!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Door Closes, Another Opens?

As some of you have noticed, I will no longer be a fixture on RCFlightCast. Frank and Brian have decided to change the format back to be more of a father-and-son show.

I have received some very nice emails from some of you that have told me that I'll be missed. I am very thankful for your sentiments. I really enjoyed playing my small part in RCFC and have established many friendships because of that opportunity.

Before I hooked up with RCFC, I was seriously contemplating starting my own podcast. You see, the Radio Control Hobby is almost like a religion with me. I never miss an opportunity to share my hobby with anyone that will listen, or anyone interested in learning to fly. It's just so much fun and I enjoy helping out any way I can so that others can enjoy the hobby as I do!

The question I have for anyone reading this is:

Is there interest out there in another RC- and CNC-related podcast hosted by yours truly?

If so, I will acquire the server space and get started putting something together right away. If not, then I won't pursue it.

Please feel free to email me directly at Crash.Hancock(AT)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Overdue Update...

Man, life has been busy in the last few weeks!

First off, I have been working on a really cool Speed 400 Racer that I have named Any's LanceAir. AnyAirRC designed it for me, and I think it resembles a Lancair, hence the name. It has a 28" wingspan (with a KFm4), is made entirely from FFF cut on my PhlatPrinter, and will utilize the Park Jet Combo (2212-06 V2) from Grayson Hobby. With a 6x4 prop, speeds of around 80mph should be easily attained! I am planning on using a 3S 1000 Zippy LiPo battery for it, as well as some good 9gram servos. I haven't finished it yet, as the weather here in Central Texas has turned and if we're not dealing with winds, then we're dealing with cold. I am hoping to finish it and get a maiden flight in within the next couple of weeks.

My time has also been quite consumed with another endeavor. I think that there are quite a few people that have been struggling with learning to use Google's SketchUp for working up their planes to cut on the PhlatPrinter. While I am certainly no expert with this application, I have learned to do a few things. I decided to put together a series of tutorials to help my fellow PhlatPrinter enthusiasts. I downloaded a Demo copy of Camstasia Studio 6, and it has proved to be a great application for capturing what I'm doing on my screen as well as allowing me to record audio simultaneously.

So far I have worked up 8 videos. I've tried to develop a curriculum that's very easy to follow and I've been keeping the videos on the short side to allow the viewer to absorb smaller nuggets of information at a time without getting swamped by tons of instruction all at once. The shorter videos also allow me a more managable file size when uploading!

At first, I uploaded the videos to YouTube, but after they downsample the crap out of my work, you could barely see what I had going on, so I have moved the videos over to Vimeo. They don't downsample as harshly, and they also allow you to download the videos to your computer and play them with QuickTime directly from your machine (no waiting on buffering!).

I call this instructional series PhlatPrinter SketchUp Basics - Getting Started. Following is a list of what each video covers:

Video 1 - File Organization And Creating Your Template
Video 2 - Creating A Parts Layout Reference
Video 3 - Using The PhlatScript PlugIn Part 1
Video 4 - Using The PhlatScript PlugIn Part 2
Video 5 - Generating PhlatCode
Video 6 - Importing DWG/DXF CAD Files
Video 7 - Cleaning Up The DWG/DXF CAD Import Part 1
Video 8 - Cleaning Up The DWG/DXF CAD Import Part 2

You can access my videos by clicking the following link:

There are a few more topics that I would like to cover in the Getting Started series, but it will probably be next week before I can get to them. After that, I am hoping to put together an "Advanced" series. Of course, I need to learn more of the advanced techniques before I can teach them! lol