Monday, June 30, 2008

Cosmic Wind Maiden

Well, I was concerned that I wouldn't get to get a flight on my new plane today, as rain threatened. However, at around 11:00 this morning, I was able to rush out to one of my sites and try it out!

First off, let me apologize for a couple of things. First off, the video is poor, as is my banter. I am still trying to kick a touch of bronchitis from some sever allergy problems I had a few weeks ago, so it's obvious that I am a little short of breath. Second, I put my FlayCamOnev2 on my head (you'll see in the vid) and I think that my sweaty forehead wreaked havoc with the remote-switch contacts on the back of the camera resulting in an interference with the video (at least that's what I think happened). I'll do some more testing later to find out for sure.

The plane flew wonderfully and only required a click of right aileron trim to set things right. In the vid, you cannot even hear the motor running as it is sooooo quiet! While the power was more than enough to fly the plane nicely, I am quite certain that I will step up to a 3s 350mah pack to see how much better the performance is!

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bb said...

Nice vid! Looked like a great day to fly- low wind. The camera's light exposure meter trips out no matter what conditions it's in, I think. Maybe next time, mount the camera to the plane!