Saturday, July 19, 2008

X-20 Progress Report

Here is a picture of my X-20 showing the progress I have made thus far. I still have to cut out the canopy, paint it, and attach the elevons and vertical stabs.

I chose to use a 2712-17 1700kv Blue Wonder and 10amp PowerUp ESC from I also ordered some 7x3.5 and 7x5 props props along with a pair of TowerPro SG-50 servos. I intend to use my 3s500 LoongMax batteries, so according to Jeff's numbers, the motor should provide 15ozs thrust with 7.5 amp draw and a pitch speed of 46mph with the 7x3.5 prop. If I use the 7x5 prop, I can expect to see 15ozs thrust with an 11 amp draw and a pitch speed of 49mph (but I hafta manage the throttle so I don't burn out the motor or ESC). Not really a bad combo for $31.50!

I hafta say, this has been a FUN little plane to build, and the plans purchased from are very nice. I honestly can't remember the last time I only had to tile out 4 pages to get a plan for an airplane! I can see an RCPowers LongEZ in my near future!

Jason (, you are a great designer and I can hardly wait for my gear to come in so I can put this thing in the air.

Here is the link to my motor/esc package:

I'll let you guys know how it performs. I am thinking of throwing a backup together while I'm waiting for my order to arrive, but this time I will utilize EPP for the fuse, but stick with Depron for the wing and verticals.

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