Friday, October 3, 2008

RCFlightCast WebSite Gets FORUMS!!

Frank and Brian have added a new Forums section to the RCFlightCast website! This is so cool! And, get this, they put in a section for threads dedicated to posts specifically for the PhlatPrinter!!

Perhaps some of you that have been following the PhlatPrinter threads that were in the RCGroups "Foam Scratchbuilder" area found that RCGroups' Moderators found it necessary to move the Introduction Thread and my Build Thread out of that section and into the General "Builders Workshop" area. Heck, they even moved the PhlatCodez Thread there, too! After many people complained, the finally moved that one back to the Scratchbuilders thread, since it contained the gCode files for people to cut out scratch-built planes. I guess I can understand why they moved the other two threads, but nonetheless, traffic to those valuable threads has dimished significantly. I expect that some people don't even know where the threads were moved to!

Anyway, now all of us PhlatFanz have a place we can call home with no fear of moved threads, and such. I really hope that this new forum board takes off and becomes the "hub" for all of us!

There are some general discussion areas on this forum, as well as places for us to talk about the other podcasts that we are fans of!

Slide on over there and check out the new forums!


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