Sunday, November 9, 2008

HandyCam Update

So, as I mentioned earlier, I have been trying to get my Sony Digital8 HandyCam (Thanks again, Mark and Trish!) to interface with my Mac so I can push some video up to YouTube. I am happy to report that I have finally been able to get this thing to work!

It turns out that the problem was with my FireWire cable! The first one I bought was a 4 pin to 6 pin cable. Since it was "no-worky", and I had read on the interwebs that some of the older Sony cameras were hit and miss with Mac computers, I decided to buy a second cable (4 pin to 4 pin) to see if I could get things to work on my PC. It was still no bueno!

The eBay seller that I got the first cable from sent me an email and said that some of the cables that they sent out were bad and that I should expect a new cable to arrive shortly. It came in Friday and I tried it on the Mac yesterday. Success!!! It turns out that the first cable was, indeed, bad.

Last night, I sent an email to the supplier that sold me the cable for my PC; I told them that it appeared to be defective as well, so they have agreed to send me another cable for free. I actually prefer doing video editing on my Mac, but since she's an older laptop and I don't want to risk killing her on video processing, I want to do my editing on my trusty Alienware laptop. It's a much more robust machine and I spec'ed it out with video processing capabilities in mind when I ordered it.

I should be receiving that new PC cable in the next week, or so, but in the meantime I plan to push the old Mac iBook, but I will be keeping the videos very short.

If there are any "Foamie Build Tips" that you would like to request, please feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do for you! My email is (I expect you know what to do to that email addy to get it to go through).


Anonymous said...

So what's the URL to your youtube page?

Crash said...

Not really anything there right now except a couple of FlyCamOnev2 vids I tried out, but the address is: